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Using the BEST PROCESSES, which are guaranteed by our EXPERIENCE based on our HISTORY of more than 30 years.
Respecting our ORIGIN through our OWN FARMS and FACTORIES.
In a RESPONSIBLE manner with the COMMUNITY and the REGION’S PRODUCERS, with the attention required by the SOCIAL and ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERN.
Deploying the BEST AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES in our FARMS, in perfect balance with the ENVIRONMENT.
Guaranteeing the best coconut products through our strict QUALITY CONTROL.
Attracting the BEST PEOPLE and valuing OUR PEOPLE.
Building the best RELATIONS with SOCIETY and with our PARTNERS.
INSPIRING GOOD FEELINGS and PLEASANT EXPERIENCES in people, close to NATURE, contributing in this manner TO A HEALTHIER LIFE.
In line with the commitment to offer our customers NATURAL and TASTY products.
Our Certifications